Sunday, January 15, 2012

Best and Worst Golden Globes 2012

My favorite part of award season aside from the infrequent memorable acceptance  speech, is the red carpet – the cringe-worthy awkward conversations before the awards show and the excitement when an actress shows up wearing a truly amazing dress.  Let’s start with the obvious trends…most noticeably blush-colored dresses were everywhere on the red carpet as shown below. 

I don’t usually like a “mullet” dress but Charlize rocked hers with a sparkly headband looking ever so feminine and pretty 

image image image

How can Elle McPherson be 46?  No really.

image image image

I like Heidi’s low key look, and I’m always a sucker for turquoise accessories

image image image

and we saw a few deep jewel tones, which were also my overall favorites…

image image image

and the ones I’m wondering where their stylists were…? 

 image image

awkward neck and a visible seam just make these awkward and unflattering.

image image

What are your thoughts – who were your favorites?

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Sunday, January 8, 2012


One of the things I find when I’m home is how much I want to decorate, rearrange and experiment with furniture and accessories in our apartment.  Working from home this week gave me plenty of time to ponder over how to make it more functional and pleasing to the eye. I’ve been very happy with our place since we moved in, but there are always improvement opportunities – and in my opinion, a home should never be “done.”

Here are a couple of ways I spruced up at our place this week…Excuse the dark pictures – it gets dark at 4:30 p.m now!

Added the the gray and beige West Elm Casablanca pillow cover.

Jan 2012 001 

Closer Up…

Jan 2012 002

Added a cheerful table runner made by my talented cousin-in-law – check out her Etsy store,The Turquoise Pear (and excuse the crazy tulips!)

Jan 2012 005

Spruced up the bar area…

 Jan 2012 004

Added a yellow patterned chair from World Market

Jan 2012

Small changes can make a big difference.

Hope you had a good weekend!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

December Adventures…

As I mentioned previously, the month of December was nuts! I left Evanston, December 4th and didn’t come back until January 3rd.  While the trip was lovely catching up with family and friends, there is something so sweet about waking up in your own bed and doing mundane, routine things like checking the mail…aren’t we exciting!?
Here’s a couple of pictures from our crazy month…
1) Traveled to Telluride with 800 of Lee’s Kellogg classmates, dressed up in our 80’s best and managed to escape with just minor bumps and bruisesTelluride 015
Telluride 022
2) Celebrated Ashley’s engagement, Katie’s beautiful baby boy, Ford, and Abby’s baby due later this month

3) Met my sweet English cousin’s lovely fiancĂ© (Gav) and celebrated Christmas in Dallas
Holidays 2011 002
4) Sadly watched A&M defeat Northwestern in the Meineke bowl at Reliant
Holidays 2011 014
Holidays 2011 015
5) Celebrated a lovely couple’s marriage and brought in the New Year with more family,friends and food!
Holidays 2011 020
Holidays 2011 030
Hilarious cake, right?
Holidays 2011 024
Holidays 2011 051
It was so fun, but I’m grateful to be home for the week!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A 2011 Recap

Oh my… I just looked back at my posts from the year, and there is a definite decline in posting starting in August – the month we moved to Evanston, I started traveling for work and the pace of life increasingly picked up!  I miss blogging – it’s such a fun, creative way to connect…Therefore, my 2012 resolution is to revive this and hopefully you will enjoy reading it!  In true New Year fashion, I like to reflect on the year, and there is a definite theme – Business School.
Here’s a look back in 2011:
Hope you have a wonderful 2012!  Thanks to my lovely readers and followers.  I love hearing from you!
Here are a few more resolutions for the upcoming year