Monday, August 15, 2011

The Move in 3 Parts

Hello – and sorry for the lack of posting last week.  As you may have guessed, we were moving to our new home in Evanston, Illinois (just north of Chicago).  It’s beautiful here, and the weather couldn’t be nicer.  A lovely welcome! 

I thought I’d share a few pictures from our moving adventure.  Overall, everything ran smoothly with just a couple bumps (mostly related to our fur baby, Kitty)…All in all, a very good move. Here is our 3 part journey.

Before the move…

Some of the damage – points for spotting Kitty!
Moving to Chicago 018

Moving to Chicago 019
All of our belongings in a 20’ truck and one loyal Pathfinder
Moving to Chicago 022
During the move…(p.s. all these images are via instagram – love it!)
6:00 a.m. Departure – Sunrise Day 2; somewhere near Blytheville, AR
Moving to Chicago 008
Kitty watching from the passenger seat (aka, my lap)
Moving to Chicago 005
Yes  - we can see the skyline!
Moving to Chicago 009
Bikers on Lakeshore Drive – so pretty.  This is when we got really excited!
Moving to Chicago 010
After the move… and Our new place.
We’ve been setting up our new living space over the last few days.  It’s funny because our old apartment was brand new, had high ceilings and lots of natural light.  It also had a smallish living/kitchen area, huge closets and 2 large bathrooms.  Our new place is older (est. 1955,) has lower ceilings, minimal light, a large living area, one tiny bathroom, and LOTS of character.  I love it!

Old Place – light/bright and airy (points for spotting Kitty)
Moving to Chicago_old apartment 003
New Place – Though I’m not done  decorating, I wanted to share a few pics of the new place!  it’s cozy and warm – can’t wait to light a bunch of candles and cuddle up here during the Fall and Winter!

Living area –> considering this console table for the back wall or to place behind the couch
Living Room view
View from the front door.
My favorite vingette. Dining Area
Kitchen View #2
Thank you for the well wishes and encouragement we received during the trip!  Now, come visit us!!


  1. Sarah! Your new place looks awesome! But I knew it would because your STUFF is awesome! :) Glad you're in your new home!

  2. Love the new place!! Lots of charm. Hope you're enjoying getting settled :)

  3. Thanks guys!! Would love to have y'all visit!