Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Port A 2011!

Every year I look forward to an annual Girls Trip to Port Aransas (aka Port A)…Attended by a group of girlfriends from UT, without a doubt it is one of my favorite weekends of the year.  We stay in a gorgeous home (courtesy of Ashley’s parents) and spend the weekend relaxing, catching up, sipping adult bevs, and enjoying getting away from it all...

My favorite things about Port A:

  1. Girls Night In – at least one night we stay in, cook, play games and catch up over wine. 
  2. The Dump at Virginia's – as unappetizing as this sounds, this is actually a  lovely dish served at one of the few dining establishments in Port Aransas.
  3. Bernie’s – the local bar complete with black light, neon splatter paint and a plethora of sleeveless shirted men in their fifties
  4. Ordering Corona’s “dressed”
  5. The Shirt – Five years ago, we started collecting ridiculous/hilarious quotes that came out over the weekend.  Every year we revisit and add to the shirt.  It’s a great way to capture memories.

Here’s a trip down Port A memory lane… 









Katie and Erica – we will miss you dearly this year!! Can’t wait to see everyone!

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