Monday, August 29, 2011

Spain Recap #1

Wow – I have to admit I’m  surprised I’m awake right now writing this…We arrived back from an AMAZING trip to Spain last Saturday, and I hopped (more like threw myself) on a super early flight back to Hot Houston this morning.  After some necessary adjustment time, (I told the lady at Starbucks “Gracias” after she handed me coffee this morning,) I feel like we are getting back to reality.  Though from what I understand, Lee’s B-school orientation week includes performing school cheers and skits, going on a boat cruise, several happy hours and participating in the Student Olympics…He may have to join me in the real world later…

Back to the trip… It was full of wonderful people from all over the world, and I was constantly amazed and impressed by Spain’s beauty, culture and friendliness – the terrain, water and historical sites made me fall deeply in love with the country.  

Here is our trip by the numbers:

  • # of people on KWEST Andalucia 2011 – 24
  • # of countries represented ~12
  • # of cities visited – 4 in 6 days
  • # of hours of sleep on average/night – 3-4
  • # of times we repelled off the side of a cliff – 2 (OK that is a lie – most people repelled twice, I chose to be lowered down via a  makeshift pulley the second time.)
  • # of shoes left in Spain – 2 pair (mine were killed during our mountaineering day and Lee’s were “accidently” left outside a window)
  • # of lbs gained due to the amount of fried food/jamon/manchengo/sangria consumption – between 5 and 7

Overall I wouldn’t have changed a thing – mostly due to our amazing second year leaders and fantastic group of students/JVs (Kellogg’s term for sig others).  If you are reading this, thank you for making it so special!

I will be recapping parts of our trip all week, so if your interested, please stop back by.  Have a wonderful week!


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