Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Game Night

I'd like to dedicate one of my first posts to one of my all time favorite things... GAME NIGHT! And since my dear college friends are coming down for a visit soon, this seems especially timely. We try to always inlcude at least one night of Game Night in our reunion weekends. This can be challenging because of the competitive nature often found among spouses or significant others, but we always have a good time.

My top five favorite games right now are:

Bananagrams - this is relatively new; just like the Scramble app for your iphone but with banana-like commands including "split" and "peel" that tell you to draw more letters.

Catchphrase - an all time favorite of mine - just beware of the person who flings the game at your head as the buzzer starts to run out.

Charades - a true classic. We ususally play Girls vs. Boys. My favorite rounds of charades were the more challenging ones where we gave the boys movies like 'Munich' and 'Don't be a Menace to Society while Drinking Gin and Juice in the Hood.' To get even, I pulled Obama's 'The Audacity of Hope' from the boy's choices. Yeah that was hard...

Cranium - vintage fun...Always a great game, except for when Ashleys already studied all the cards

Poker - a recent favorite. We had a Barry family poker tournament, and it was a blast. My Grandma won the pot, and I eventually learned the difference between 'Call' and 'Check'

The picture is of the last Houston reunion (July 2008). Game Night included Asian, Scene It and Charades.


  1. LOVE the blog! Knew you'd be a natural. Please, please keep it up. One thing, I tried to subscribe to you on google reader and it said my search "did not match any feeds." You know how to correct that? I'd love you to become the numba one Houston bloggie!

  2. Instead of Book Club--we should have a Game Night Club! Less commitment... think about it! :)

  3. A. Love the shout out.

    B. It's "Don't Be a Menace to South Central While Drinking your Juice in the Hood" but I like your "society" and "Gin and Juice" rendition!