Sunday, January 15, 2012

Best and Worst Golden Globes 2012

My favorite part of award season aside from the infrequent memorable acceptance  speech, is the red carpet – the cringe-worthy awkward conversations before the awards show and the excitement when an actress shows up wearing a truly amazing dress.  Let’s start with the obvious trends…most noticeably blush-colored dresses were everywhere on the red carpet as shown below. 

I don’t usually like a “mullet” dress but Charlize rocked hers with a sparkly headband looking ever so feminine and pretty 

image image image

How can Elle McPherson be 46?  No really.

image image image

I like Heidi’s low key look, and I’m always a sucker for turquoise accessories

image image image

and we saw a few deep jewel tones, which were also my overall favorites…

image image image

and the ones I’m wondering where their stylists were…? 

 image image

awkward neck and a visible seam just make these awkward and unflattering.

image image

What are your thoughts – who were your favorites?

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