Sunday, October 7, 2012

Feeling Cozy

Between the crisp (ok – cold) Chicago weather and my expanding waist (hips, rear, legs, etc.) all I want is to snuggle up in cozy and comfortable clothes.  Thankfully, there are so many options right now, and with the basics including: 1) a good pair of thick leggings or skinny jeans, 2) flat riding boots or booties, 3) a tunic or oversized sweater to cover the aforementioned expanding rear, 4) and maybe a scarf or fun accessory to zazz it up, this can be easily accomplished without spending a fortune.  Not only is this look totally functional and comfy, it’s cute and flattering when done right…

Here are some of my favorite variations of this look…


See my Fall Wish List inspiration board for sources!

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