Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Guilty Pleasures…

So many of you know I have a weakness for pop culture, and I literally can't help it. If I don't get a dose of Us Magazine or People Magazine daily, I feel out of sorts and untouch with the world. Pathetic – yes. Well as I mentioned in one of my very first posts, I said I'd try to limit my intake of shows on 'E!.' Well...I'm proud to admit I have moved on from 'E!' right into the arms of Bravo TV! I know a lot of people have been into Bravo for years, and I can't believe I've missed out on so much quality television!

What I'm watching now:

The Real Housewives of New Jersey – these ladies are the ultimate class acts. (NOT!)

Bethenny Getting Married - Love her – she's hilarious and was always my fave on The Real Housewives of New York.

Double Exposure – an ex married couple who photographs celebrities and models for fancy shoots. They fight the entire time, but the guy (don't even know his name) has a French accent that kills me. Everything he says is funny. I don't know why. Maybe because Lee talks to Kitty in French (albeit made up French) and I find it very sweet.


  1. Start watching "Work of Art" with Lee. Bret (amazingly) and I are really into it -- it's like Project Runway, but with batsh*t crazy artists. Plus, one of the hosts has a French accent to die for!

  2. I LOVE WORK OF ART! You have to watch it!

  3. I actually watched it last night for the first time! Prety crazy stuff on the episode where they had to create something "shocking!" But of course I'm hooked!