Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Dream Dinners

I was so excited recently when my sister in law told me about an introductory deal to Dream Dinners.  Have you heard about it?  As someone who eats out for about 90% of all meals, sometimes I crave nutritious, home cooked meals. Dream Dinners offers options likes Crispy French Onion Chicken and Mexican Meatballs which comes with both nutritional information and cooking instructions.

In the introductory offer, you can pick 18 servings for $75, which is less than $5 a serving - cheaper than fast food. We are heading there in a couple of weekends to assemble and pack up our choices...

Here is what I ordered for October, doesn't it look delicious! Drooling...Please let me know if you have ever tried it - I'd love to hear about your experience!

Mexican Meatballs
Crispy french onion chicken
Steak with savory walnut butter


  1. My husband & I do this! My parents got us hooked. The meals take pretty much no time to prepare which is perfect for a working couple. Both Monday & Tuesday I got home from work around 6:45 and had dinner ready by the time Ryan walked in the door at 7:15. You'll have to let us know what you think! My favorite so far has been the coconut shrimp. :c)

    1. Good to know, Amy - thanks! Excited to try it... Well have to try the coconut shrimp soon!