Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Moving Day

The move to Chicago officially starts tomorrow. So far, we’ve had a mix of ups and downs as I’m sure any move has…Here they are:


- Barry/Chenault family weekend – banagrams, naps, dogs, bike rides and good food – what more can you ask for?

- Dinner with sweet friends to say goodbye

- Discovering new awesome Chicago bloggers

- Cleaning/Donating/Purging - I always find the process of going through your stuff and getting rid of it very rewarding

- One last special dinner in Houston


- Saying goodbye to family and friends - sniff sniff,…

- Traumatizing Kitty with Children’s Benadryl (I wasn’t there but apparently he foamed at the mouth like a rabbid dog)

- Feeling high strung/stressed/exhausted/anxious all at the same time

- Wondering how Kitty is going to do un-sedated for 18 hours in the cab of a moving truck (see points 2 and 3)


1 comment:

  1. Good luck and safe travels! It will all be worth it once you get settled in.