Wednesday, February 23, 2011

New Blog Design!

I’m excited to share some blog news. My talented sister in law (and author of Tailored,) Lindsay, is redesigning my blog – starting with the background and header. I’m so excited, as she knows all sorts of fancy web design things (like what CSS means?) and is a Blogger Master. For inspiration, I sent her images and color samples from websites like Fschumacher and Pantone.  (Beware: both are highly addictive!)  Here’s a peak at my inspiration –  I can’t wait to show you her finished product!

Inspirational Backgrounds – these are actual wallpaper samples I thought would make a nice blog background..

clip_image002[6] clip_image004[4]

Color Palette… 

clip_image002[4] clip_image004 clip_image006 clip_image008 clip_image010

Inspirational Headers  - these headers embody what I love – they are clean, simple and modern (and just a touch feminine)




I’d love to hear your thoughts – what do you like or dislike?

On another note, if you need any design work done, you should consider Lindsay - she’s very talented, super easy to work with and passionate!   She lives in Chicago, but with the beauty of the interwebs, she can work anywhere.  Lindsay specializes in wedding stationary and custom design. It’s gorgeous!  Check out her own custom monogram for their wedding last summer.

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