Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Feast Interruptus

have you seen that new Tommy Hilfiger commercial?  I kind of love it.  The song is catchy and gets in your head.  Plus it reminds me of the Royal Tenenbaums – and I swear I know the guy at the end who cockily says, “Don’t you love the holidays?”… Maybe he just has that look…

I haven’t worn TH in years, but this commercial has peaked my interest.  Remember when it was cool to wear the TH polo shirts in middle school?  They were huge!


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If you haven’t see it, watch here (AND try not to get the song stuck in your head.)


  1. Reid and I were talking about the exact same thing last night. Love it!

  2. Totally agree. I LOVE this commercial and want to be in it! :) According to my husband, girls at all middle schools (namely, his) did not go through the 'wear-Tommy-Hilfiger' polo phase. That was news to me.