Monday, December 6, 2010

And why’s the carpet all wet Todd?

Sorry - this post title isn't really correlated to the post, but it's a line from my favorite Christmas Movie and it’s in my head.

I'm starting to put together some of our decorations, and it's been fun.  Kitty, has already caused some damage - breaking ornaments when he flings himself into our tree, tearing the bows off of presents and creating huge gaps in the trees as shown below.


And a few favorite ornaments including the one Lee put my engagement ring on.

image image

Thanks to the inspiration of the very talented, Kyle Knight, I used Z. Gallerie fillers for our kitchen table centerpiece.


And lastly... PRESENTS! I loved this Ho! Ho! Ho! sparkling wrapping paper from Marshall’s Home Goods. 


PS: This is what my Christmas decorations look like in my fantasy world.


PS: Sorry, I saved this image, and I don’t remember where it’s from to give it credit.

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  1. and your christmas decorations are what my christmas decorations look like in my fantasy world.

    this year, ours consist of a tiny glass christmas tree and some nutcrackers. :)