Monday, July 26, 2010


What drives you bananas?

These days I find myself grimacing and grinding my teeth over the darndest thing. Here is a list of things that make me want to rip my eyeballs out.

  1. Smacking - I inherited this from my mom who didn’t even like us chewing gum. It’s gross. Food should be enjoyed quietly. With wine.
  2. Facebook couples – Let me be clear. I don’t mean if you are in a relationship, but if you actually share an account and indicate it in your profile name like, ‘Jane and Bob Smith’. I mean, you can still be married and have separate profiles. I don’t get this.
  3. Cheesy tag lines on reality shows – it’s like, yeah Chris Harrison, we know it’s the final rose. You don’t need to interrupt and tell us that after we’ve seen 234,545 rose ceremonies.
  4. Grocery shopping on Sunday – apparently I’ve never gotten the memo, but our local store seems to have everyone and all their relatives shopping on Sunday afternoons. I think it’s the free samples. This makes running in for the essentials (hummus, cheese, triscuits, cereal and wine) a real challenge.
  5. Visible dirt / cat hair / dust – I’m a clean freak and living with a 27 year-old male and 3 year old overweight male cat does not always make for the most clean environment. Yesterday I found a cat hair in my cereal. NOT OKAY. It’s not uncommon to catch me running around the apt with a dust buster or vacuum – sometimes both at once.

Thanks for letting me vent. What are your peeves?


  1. Oh my gosh.. the Facebook couples thing is bugging me too! But you know what my newly married "Friends" on Facebook are doing? Documenting EVERY part of life via Facebook photo albums, including pictures of what is inside their cabinets, what their bedroom looks like, what is inside their drawers, what their dishes look like, etc. It is driving me bonkers! Nobody cares about what your pantry looks like!

    Phew! That felt good!

  2. The Texas State Bar Exam.