Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Bad Case of the Wants.

So I'm still a newbie to the blogosphere, and although I'm absolutely loving it, I realized I've developed a bad case of "the wants." Going though fab design and fashion blogs on a nightly basis (it's part of my relaxation routine) has made my wish list a mile long! What's wrong with me?!? I know the things in life that really matter are not going to provide a cute spot on my bookshelf, or come in the form of a pair of cute wedges...BUT I can't help wanting them all the same.

A few things on my wish list right now are:
Gorgeous leather Bag from J.Crew (Oh and it's on sale - so tempting!)

Fun colorful pillows from Etsy

Garden vase

Any other bloggers get a case of the "I Wants" from time to time?


  1. I WANTS everything you blog about. Romper? YES! Paper shredding coffee table? YES!

  2. The white garden vases are on clearance at Target now!!! They are a little more square shaped, but cute nonetheless!