Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Packing Inspiration:: Playa Mujeres

To celebrate the end of the long process applying to Bschool, Lee and I are taking a trip next week!  Awhile back, I asked where should we go, and it turns out Jetsetter had something perfect for us!  Our requirements were simple – there had to be a golf course (for Lee) and good food and pretty surroundings (for me.)  We’re going to Playa Mujeres – and staying at the La Amada hotel.

I’m so excited about the quality time together…The place looks amazing – I love the minimal, modern look of the rooms and spa.  And now, I’m thinking about what to pack…I wish the Target/Calyspo St. Barth collaboration collection was out- looks like they’ll have some great beach-wearing stuff!


Here are some other things, I’ll put on the packing list!


Hope you’re having a wonderful week!

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