Tuesday, October 19, 2010

If you want to Sing Out, Sing Out

Sometimes I forget how much power a good song can have on you. It can transform you to the time when you first heard the song or stimulate a memory out of nowhere. I love that, and I love how music can waken your spirit – especially when you are not doing the most exciting tasks.

Here are a list of songs (most really embarrassing) that have had some impact in my life

  • He’s a Cold Hearted Snake by Paula Abdul (1990) - wearing neon leggings, crimped hair and Zinc I remember thinking I danced just like Paula and in all seriousness taught my Aunt Vicki how to rock her moves.
  • Don’t Take The Girl by Tim McGraw (1994) – I discovered I liked country music. My parents couldn’t have been less excited.
  • Head Over Feet by Alanis Morissette (1995) – Played on my first “stereo system” on repeat for a year.
  • If You want to Sing Out, Sing Out by Cat Stevens (2001)– I heard Cat Stevens for the first time at leadership camp in NY. It changed my life…My parents were pleased. My friends wondered what the heck I was listening to.
  • Ignition by R. Kelly (2003) – Lee and my first dance ever - at a dirty frat house no less.
  • Crazy Love by Van Morrison (2007) – First dance at our wedding after my request for Ignition by R. Kelly was denied.

Rocking out at Austin City Limits music festival this year

iphone 002

What songs have made an impact on you?

PS: Check out my Sister-In-Law’s stylish blog, Tailored, that has just been revived after a hiatus.

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  1. Love this pic and post. What is with Lee looking like Shaun B. recently, though?? You, on the other hand, look adorable.