Monday, February 27, 2012

Some Thoughts on the Oscars…

Every media outlet ever and most blogs have already posted  the best and worst moments from the Oscars, and by no means can I compete, but I do love an awards show, so here are some thoughts…

- It’s more fun to watch the Oscars with a snarky Twitter feed near by

- Emma Stone can do no wrong

- Colin Firth could cuss out the audience, and I’d still find it charming

And my bests…

Best dress – Michelle William’s style is perfection…I want to pick her up and put her in my pocket.


Best banter – Ben Stiller and Emma Stone perhaps reenacting James Franco and Anne Hathaway’s awkward chemistry from last year’s disastrous Oscars


Best Attempt to look like an Oscar – this worked on Sandra Bullock – a former DWTS contestant – not so much.


Best Awkward Moment – Angelina aggressively posing on stage, only to be made fun of Community’s Dean


Best Recovery – I didn’t care for Cameron Diaz’s red carpet dress but loved the bright orange and gold at the after party


Best Accessory – Uggie the Dog


Best Impression of a Lady Bug – Natalie is beautiful, but this dress wasn’t working for me.


What were your thoughts?

Images via the always spot on  Elements of Style

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  1. Nice Community reference! Do you watch that show? Benjamin and I have fallen in obsession with it! Hope you are staying warm!