Monday, October 3, 2011


Recently I’ve been craving simplicity…Simple Food…Simple Clothes… A Simple Schedule…A Simple Life…

It’s hard enough to balance work, play, family and crazy schedules – thinking about what you’re going to wear for the day (or week in my case since I pack in advance) can be difficult.  I love and appreciate creativity in clothing, but sometimes I’d rather put on the same favorite pieces and feel good…

If I had my choice, I’d wear this outfit every single day – only swapping out the shoes on occasion (I mean – a girl’s gotta have a little variety…)


All sources can be found on my pinterest board.


  1. Sarah, I've been wanting a J. Crew Chambray shirt forever, but $100 seemed like too much to fork over. Inspired by your dress last week, I went to Target and found one by Mossimo for a fraction of the cost. Yeah, it's not as pretty, but I have an extra $80 in my bank account. :)

  2. Oh that's so good to know!! I am all about the Target finds...and btw, I packed all my Target dresses this week for work - HA!