Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Kennedys

We have definitely gotten our dose of the Kennedy’s over the last week.  First we watched the 8–part mini series The Kennedy’s on Netflix starring Greg Kinnear and Katie Holmes.  I don’t know how accurately all of the scandals and dramatic scenes are reflected, but it’s entertaining to say the least – especially Katie Holmes attempt at a Boston accent.  And today, we watched a fascinating show on the History channel called The Lost Kennedy Home Movies.  Both shows covered the triumphs, scandals and tragedies of the Kennedy family.  One thing that struck me is how they looked.  Even in the casual home videos, the family always look photo-call ready like in a Vineyard Vines ad while visiting their family home on the Cape. I can see why they were and continue to be such a fascination in our country.


Jackie is obviously known for her grace and style, but to me she has an air of mystery and strength that adds to her intrigue. Clearly devoted to her children, she seems happiest in her pictures when she’s with them.  I came across some great photo albums on Life and wanted to share.

John F. Kennedy Jr. admiring Mom’s pearls




Captured by the paparazzi that continued to follow her throughout the course of her life.


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