Monday, March 21, 2011

Potential Project::Cocktail Dress Sale

So, in light of our recent news and upcoming move to Chi-town, I'm trying to think small. Not only is Chicago a bit pricier, we will be on a student budget...Therefore, I'm thinking about ways to downsize. One idea I have is to host a dress sale at our apartment. I have always had a weakness for cocktail dresses, and I currently have a closet full of designer labeled dresses (Laundry, Milly, BCBG, Anthropologie, Nanette Lepore, etc.) that have been worn only a handful of times.

I'd love to host a sale at our apartment, where I will put dresses for sale at a great price. Most of the dresses retailed around $200, and everything will be listed around $40 or less. Of course, mimosas and other good girly treats will be served!

What are your thoughts - do you think this would work? Would it be fun? Here are some of the MANY dresses I have in mind, so you can check them out!

BCBG dress, Size 4, purchased in 2007 (cute guy on the left not included)


Left - Anthropologie Dress, Size 4, purchased in 2009 (the two times it’s been worn, I got a ton of compliments!)

Right – Laundry dress, Size 4 – purchased in 2010; don’t have a full length pictures, but dress hits about 2-3” above knee.

image image

Left – BCBG, Size S, purchased in 2007 (slight snag in bottom tier – I will sell cheap)

Right – BCBG; size 4; purchased in 2009 (perfect for Auburn fans!)


Left – Milly, Size Small, purchased in 2007 (weird angle because I’m sitting)

Right – Milly, Size S, purchased in 2007

image image

I have many more dresses, but this is getting embarrassing posting pics of myself. Let me know your thoughts and if you would be interested! If you can’t make a stop by, I can always ship!


  1. If something doesn't sale post it on the blog, I would definitely snatch some of these up!

  2. Yes, this is a fantastic idea! I want the auburn one :) You need to start thinking long sleeve dress with tights to prepare for Chicago ;)

  3. Yes please! I always need cocktail dresses in Lagos and my closet can't afford all brand-new ones. I'll be home visiting until April 7 : )

  4. well I am no where near your size and I live way far away however I had a girlfriend that recently did this because of the same reason and she made a really good profit plus now she knows they went to a good home and people that love them... Good luck and I am sure you will be able to pull this off, they are all adorable on you ;)