Thursday, March 24, 2011

New Favorite Blogs!

So I’ve had the pleasure of finding some awesome new (for me anyway) blogs over the past couple of months and wanted to share…Here they are by category.

Design / Humorous

Peppermint Bliss


Check out this blogger’s eclectic and awesome home in the latest addition of Rue.  Her style is unique and fun, and her posts are hilarious!

Sketch 42


This blogger has amazing style as featured in the third of addition of Rue – it’s gorgeous!  She also has a penchant for reality TV – with a real love for Real Housewives.  She is hilarious and artistic – a blogger bff!


Sheridan French


Saw this designer highlighted on my all time favorite, Elements of Style, and fell in love with the Designer’s blog!  Her sense of style and fashion is fun and original, and I enjoy her honesty and humor about balancing work and home.  (And she’s from Ft. Worth so extra points!!)

Red Fashion Carpet Awards


This has saved me so much money.  There’s  no need to buy the Us Magazine’s and People' of the world when all the beautiful celebrity fashion (without the horrible stories) is here!

What are you favorite blogs!?

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