Monday, May 24, 2010


Like many Americans today, I'm suffering from a bit of PLSS. That stands for Post LOST Sadness Syndrome. The season finale last night was fantastic and sweet in so many ways. I'm sure there will be many who do not agree with me, but I truly was moved by the storylines and music.

If you are a Lostie like myself, here are some LOST inspired pieces to make you feel as though you are on The Island too.

Love this DIY Driftwood coat/purse/hat holder

And shipwrecked vintage dresser

Images via Apartment Therapy


  1. Such a creative post! And you might be a Lostie, but you're a pretty Lostie.

  2. I hear you! So sad it has come to an end. The only thing making somewhat tolerable is all the discussions that are following it. So much to digest and talk about! Just found your blog. Love it! xoxo