Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Writer's Block

Wow - this can't be good. I'm less than 3 weeks new to the blogosphere, and I'm already having writer's block. Ugh!

One thing I'd like to share is my new love of Jersey Shore. The show is amazing! I love that the guys are bedazzled from head to toe with their own language - (e.g., going to "creep" means going to scope out chicks...I think.) I also love Snooks and her incredible bluntness (LMA!! )
This weekend my college gf's were in town for a fun weekend of going out, eating, games and bad TV... so fun! Here's a picture of us freezing in between dinner and Eight. Start with the top left and using our self-given "Jersey names", we have 'The Impact', 'The Rack', 'ABall', me (The Receiver), 'P-Train' and 'Tight-End'.
I miss them already! Can't wait for St. Patty's 2010!

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  1. I give the blog one big Jersey Shore fist pump!